Benefits of Smart Stays

At Smart Stays, ensuring that our homeowners are able to have a hands-off approach to their investment, while earning more revenue
than they ever have before is our top priority. We work so you don’t have to. With our investment portfolio guidance and property
management support, there are a number of benefits to working with Smart Stays.

Exceptional Property Management

Unmatched Marketing Expertise
Maximum Renter Visibility

To Smart Stays, property management means more than simply sending in a cleaning crew. We combine property maintenance, management, and marketing into a comprehensive package that benefits you. We pride ourselves in providing you with a 100% turnkey homeownership experience. Your home is immaculately maintained to ensure the highest value retention and is consistently rented for monthly cash flow. Our maintenance packages include house cleaning, yard maintenance, landscaping, laundry services, and more.

The vacation rental market is a constantly evolving one. In recent years the market has become saturated, and in order to drive bookings, your property requires a comprehensive marketing strategy to stand out amongst the crowd of available homes and excite guests. That is where Smart Stays’ unmatched marketing expertise comes in.

With over a decade of industry experience, our team has the insider knowledge on industry trends that you need to help your property stand out. Our approach combines a strong digital marketing strategy with local and international partnerships, and a dedicated roster of over 70,000 former guests to round out our marketing efforts and ensure your

Let us help you list your property smarter. In a saturated market, getting your property listing in front of as many potential renters as possible is the best way to fill up your unused dates. Doing this on your own is a daunting, time-consuming task. At Smart Stays, we have a number of partnerships that allow us to push your property listing to a number of booking sites for maximum visibility.

Our booking partners include renter trusted names, like Tripadvisor, Home Away,, and Expedia. We partner with platforms that meet potential renters where they are, giving your property the opportunity to be seen by a number of potential renters who may otherwise miss your vacation rental. Available, unused dates for your rental property will become a thing of the past.

Growth Opportunities
Comprehensive Financial Reporting
Revenue Increase

At Smart Stays, we offer a growth focused investor program. As you begin to see income generated from owning a vacation rental property, the Smart Stays Investor Program will assist you in developing a scalable investment strategy that will grow your investment portfolio. Our focus for your portfolio is to maximize long-term growth opportunities, and minimizing your overall investment.

As you embark on this strategy, there are significant benefits to having experts in the vacation rental market in your corner. Smart Stays understand what investments will be profitable, and how to generate revenue from a property.

The proof of success is in the numbers. We know that, and we are metric oriented in our reporting approach. We strive to provide our homeowners with extensive reporting that is based on the individual homeowner’s chronological preference, to assist in planning your short, medium, and long-term goals or exit strategy.

In our financial reporting, we include a complete financial analysis of the state of your property. This includes forecasting metrics for the future and presenting an analysis of the present metrics. This helps you in understanding your current revenue and your revenue expectations for the future.

We help our homeowners to maximize their revenue from their vacation rental property. In our partnerships with property owners, we have worked with them closely to see increases of 30-40% greater revenue on a yearly basis.

We see this increased revenue as a result of our diversified demographic of customers that Smart Stays helps to reach. We have an existing database of repeat former guests, many of whom are from the financial world. Our contacts are typically higher spending than the average guests that property owners are able to reach on their own. By elevating the calibre of guests that book your property, you are able to charge more on a per-night basis and drive revenue as a result.