The Smart Stays Advantage

Smart Stays makes maximizing your revenue easier than any other booking platform. The market for vacation rentals is a saturated one, meaning you need a partner who will get you to the widest customer base possible. However, we understand that often vacation rental property owners don’t have the time to invest in large-scale marketing strategies to promote their property. That is where Smart Stays comes in.

For the homeowner it is simple: you list your property with Smart Stays, and then we get to work. We have a wide customer base that we are experts in reaching. We often see guests broken into four categories: international holiday travellers, large corporate companies booking a retreat, individuals travelling on work assignments, and guests that are relocating and require a more long-term stay solution. We position your property in front of the largest portion of our customer base as possible to drive interest. You will quickly see the demand for your vacation rental property rise, and the number of unused dates available in a year diminishes.

How do we reach these customers? We are the market leaders for the vacation rental market. We understand the market, and we have the leading technology to reach new customers as well as an established base of connections and past travellers that we can rely on. In order for us to reach holiday travellers coming internationally, we partner with over 400 worldwide travel industry partners to help us reach many international markets. Our partners include consumer trusted names, such as TripAdvisor and HomeAway. We ensure that there is no lost opportunity for your property to be seen by potential guests.

We are also experts in running successful digital marketing campaigns to promote your property. As part of our property management package, our homeowners receive unparalleled marketing for their property. This includes effective Google and social media pay-per-click campaigns to promote all of our properties. Not only are we experts in reaching new customers, but we also have an established base of Smart Stays repeat customers and social media, as well as a database of over 1 million contacts and previous travellers that trust Smart Stays and enjoy staying in Smart Stays vacation rental properties.

We are also committed to maximum transparency with you in regards to your investment. To ensure you have a full understanding of what is happening in regards to your investment, Smart Stays offers monthly financial reporting and industry insider sharing and ongoing reporting. With these reports, you can closely track the return that you are seeing on your investment. We also offer 24-hour per day traveller assistance. Every guest who books your property will be completely taken care of, without you having to be involved.